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And yes I will dance at the show

Sometimes there are signposts that are smudged or covered in sharpie, sometimes dusty vaults that are cracked open sometimes time itself pads its greased pockets. Young man, you have no idea whom or what you are fucking with. If you can’t handle a mosh get the fuck out of the third row. You were like three when Kurt Cobain shot himself. You have no idea just as someone once said the same about me in 2001. I’ve seen things, he prattled in 2001, and he had. He really had. He lost a friend to smack. The smack stole his keyboards. His girlfriend left him for the guitarist. The band he quit was playing the Big Day Out. Or something. He was high on speed and he had seen things and I was a clueless little shit. But ten years later there is you, here in this crowd, and you don’t know what I’ve seen. You dress like you respect your elders, like you belong in that biopic, or like your parents did when they were going to NYU Dental School in 1988. Awesome teeth. Your asymmetry begs the question, how much time do you spend on your hair? Sometimes things should sound like they do from inside a can of soup, Warhol. Sometimes Downtown is down and under or something, and there are also other hemispheres to be brought into this barbed wire heart tattoo of a pancake— this recorded paradigm. Sometimes the right to mosh, itself, is once again, and unbelievably, worth fighting for.


Mental Marginalia is for many a very special day. Try not to wrinkle your turtle-neck.


Russell Dillon was born in New York in the mid-seventies and just hasn’t been able to get over it. After attending a number of schools, getting some degrees, and messing around a bit too much, he ended up in San Francisco, though a lot of the time, he is back in New York. Poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Lumberyard, H_NGM_N, Forklift, Ohio, 5 am, Parthenon West, and Bright Pink Mosquito, among others. A chapbook, Secret Damage, was released from Forklift, Ink in 2009, somehow leading them to believe a full-length collection would be a good idea. Currently untitled, this monstrosity will be released in 2013, or Russell will flee to parts unknown with the massive advance, where he will purchase the shadows of indiginous children.

Lauren Hunter is from North Carolina and lives in Brooklyn. She received her MFA in poetry…

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Have Five Minutes to Live: An Exquisite Corpse

by David Blasco, Alex Crowley, Mark Gurarie, Chris Hughes and Kevin Shea

The Libretto of an Opera about Tao Lin, Act I

I will not be your astronaut





A Manifesto for Get LIT!

Onto chairs we are slightly taller because we are of average height.

We have cracked your porcelain in a hat.

We wear these truths to be shameless.

Onto chairs we sing out of key versions of our favorite songs

because that is what we are

unknown for & we like it that way.

We are skipping solos.

Perhaps your growing illegitimate in your autumn is the only excuse

for premature badass-ness.

It’s genetic.

Onto chairs we form the firm foundations of our furniture fortifications.




Get Lit!

-Alex Crowley & Mark Gurarie